WiFi Alliance issues certified Passpoint® seal to Galgus.

WiFi Certified Passpoint®
Galgus(Spain) announced that their efforts to provide an optimal Internet connection for everyone and enhanced management of WiFi networks have resulted in obtaining the CERTIFIED Passpoint® seal of approval by the WiFi Alliance.

WiFi Certified Passpoint® is the industry standard to ease WiFi network access, removing the need for users to find and authenticate to a network every time they connect to it. Galgus access points with Passpoint® can be deployed in any environment, large and small. When users access a WiFi network with Passpoint® technology, their device will automatically connect on successive visits without disturbing the user again requesting credentials, search network, etc. Passpoint® automatizes the entire process while providing maximum security to the whole infrastructure. Besides, it makes it easier to add a new device to the network (with or without a SIM card), checking the credentials, and applying the necessary network policies to each of them.

Getting the Passpoint® seal motivates us to keep working on providing the best Wi-Fi connection to companies, institutions, and users, no matter the complexity of the environment they are located in


Galgus (a member of the Wi-Fi Alliance) has successfully passed all the required tests to receive the Certified Passpoint® seal of approval. These tests have been carried out by an independent entity authorized by the Wi-Fi Alliance itself. Galgus’ technology, certified with Passpoint®, is already deployed in multiple environments, from schools and shopping malls to railways, stations, aircraft, luxury hotels, or sports stadiums.
More than 50 towns, cities, and rural areas in Spain already use Galgus networks (compatible with Passpoint®) to benefit citizens, visitors, and teleworkers. Galgus enables quality Internet access (strong, fast, and secure) to a population of more than 1 million people.

Galgus Location Analytics
Galgus’ ambition to unleash the total value of WiFi networks offers a ground-breaking solution protected by four international patents: we can reverse, to a large extent, the distortion introduced by random MACs, obtaining much more robust and reliable metrics with a higher refresh rate (minutes instead of hours or days). It makes it possible to build security, surveillance, marketing, or logistics services that resemble reality, providing the network owner with integrity, control, and governance and compliance with data protection regulations. Location Analytics solution can give even more value to your WiFi network infrastructure, both in real-time and using historical records. Galgus includes a Cloud Manager platform supporting the management of the network.

Gartner highlights Galgus’ disruptive technology as different from the rest of the industry, as we focus on the fundamental problem of WiFi analytics instead of looking the other way. It is well known that modern smartphones randomize (fake) their unique identifier (the MAC address) precisely to avoid counting and location services. It would be like a car continuously faking its number plate to avoid being tracked. In this context, traditional WiFi analytics providers resign themselves to having totally distorted and therefore useless analytics: they could be counting 1000 devices, or none at all, where actually there are exactly 53 devices.


About the Wi-Fi Alliance® 
The Wi-Fi Alliance is the worldwide network of companies that brings you Wi-Fi®, one of the world’s most valued communications technologies. Our vision is to connect everyone and everything, everywhere.

Wi-Fi Alliance drives global Wi-Fi adoption and evolution through thought leadership, spectrum advocacy, and industry-wide collaboration. Our work includes the development of innovative technologies, requirements, and test programs that help ensure Wi-Fi provides users the interoperability, security, and reliability they have come to expect. Read more


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