WCA Tech Talk – Privacy-centric cloud service for mobile operators

The re-invention of cloud storage has begun.  0Box, a product from 0Chain, is a decentralized storage platform to keep your data private, transparently.  You do not need to trust 0Box to backup your personal data, family photos, and videos, because you can now validate it yourself.  You can share personal photos knowing that 0Box does not see or control your images, nor does it monetize them for marketing purposes. No one has access to your data, except you.  If 0Box is hacked, there may be service disruption, but your data remains private.

In this Meetup, Saswata Basu, CEO of 0Chain, a distributed ledger company, will discuss how Service Providers can capitalize on a privacy-centric cloud offering, 0Box, to reduce churn and increase revenue. 0Box will be available for alphaNet on April 17. Check out https://0chain.net for details.

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